SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 Error [Solved]

A SIM card is formerly known as Subscriber Identity Module Card or Subscriber Identification Module Card. It is a kind of smart card that is generally used in GSM phones having long time evolution (LTE) referred to 4G.

Sim card contains user’s specific information such as messages, contact numbers, International mobile subscriber identity (IMSI), confidential data authorization, local network information, user location, bank related financial information, services list and two types of passwords: for the temporary purpose a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and the other one to unlock the pin a Personal Unblocking Key (PUK).

SIM cards can be categorized in Prepaid sim or postpaid sim. Prepaid sim cards are generally used as we can change our recharge according to our convenience as in postpaid sim cards such cannot be possible as we have to pay bills after the usage.

What Does “SIM Not Provisioned” Means?

It is a sort of common error that we generally perceive in our android phones. It implies that the SIM is not properly connected to the phone and is not activated. There can be many reasons to such problem-

  • You have a new phone and sim card.
  • SIM is not placed properly in a handset.
  • When you try to set up the connection between android and carrier is not available.

How To Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 Error

When the text “SIM not provisioned MM#2” or SIM not provisioned for the voice” pop up on the handset screen then the phone only allows emergency calls. Here are some methods to fix out such problem-

Method 1: Restart Your Device

It is uncouth to hear such logic in the technical era but restarting of the phone can retain its memory. If SIM not provisioned appears on the display of your phone you can simply turn off the device and then again start it before doing any other option with your device.

Use some basic methods to restart your device and don’t make a hurry. If the reason is setup problem with the carrier or network over-crowding then it will be solved by this method and you will not see such vexatious message errors.

Method 2: Proper Adjusting Of Sim Card

If your problem is not solved by restarting, then you should go to the reinsertion of the  SIM card. Most of the time the reason can be the wrong insertion of the sim card. There will be a notification if your sim card is not tied up with your phone.

Firstly, open the back cover of your handset get access to the sim slot and exclude the sim card from your device. Be careful in such a process because every device structure design is discrete.

If you don’t have any android phone or an older handset, you can just simply open the back cover of your device and eject sim from the sim slot properly. Keep your sim card and sim card holder clean as dirt will assemble and create the connection problem.

After cleaning reinsert the sim card properly. Make sure sim should not be wet at the insertion time otherwise it will create trouble. If you don’t know how to insert the sim card properly then you can simply see the sign alongside sim card.

If you have an android phone many of them have inbuilt batteries, so you have to access sim slot first. Generally, the sim slot is on the vertical side of the phone. You will find a small hole to simply put the tool to push it and the sim tray will appear to you.

This can be crafty sometimes because handsets need the sim ejection tool also known as sim ejection pin for sim ejection. Wipe off this sim tray and sim with a dry cloth and reinsert the sim card. Use the standard procedure to insert it again. Don’t try to force as it can damage or break sim tray or card.

If you are getting the error message again and again you can simply insert card in the other sim slot an android phone offers dual sim property.

You can also check if the sim slot is working properly or not simply by inserting your sim card on any other phone. If the error message will only appear on your phone, then it will be a faulty sim slot.

Method 3: Contracting The Sim Card Provider

If you are not getting sim activation, then probably your device is locked. You have to make conversation with your carrier or service provider assistance.

First, you should notify him about the problem and then the methods you have tried for the remedy. Be patient as anger will cause more problems for you. After the inspection, your service provider will tell you what is the problem with your sim card or it can be simply resolved or not.

If there will be a delay in service action sim activation will automatically delay. Most of the time the reason is a delay or interrupted network activation. These can be some activation issues that your network provider can resolve and error messages can prevent.

If things are not working properly with these tips replace your sim card to your network provider assistance. You can get out of rid of error texts and hopefully, and let diagnose with the same sim card.

Method 4: Port Your Sim Card To A Different Service Provider

If your problem is not solved after the above methods and you are getting those error messages often, then you have to change your network assistance. If you are not satisfied with your network carrier plans, policies and services then you can simply switch your sim card to the other sim card.

This is the best method to use the same phone number with another network provider that you rely upon. Your carrier will try to solve those issues.

When a user is switching to another network provider and within the same topographic swath with the same number, the process is called porting. The user can urge service from other the carrier as your previous network provider cannot stop to refuse you. companies charge for the porting process but bargaining is everywhere.


With all the above methods, you can simply obstruct “SIM not provisioned MM#2” error texts. Once you have dealt with all such conditions your sim must be activated without any issue.

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