Top 5 Best VPN According To Reddit Users in 2023

Reddit users altogether do not believe in the Best VPN that they can use safely. The risk factor is much intensified while a user uses Free Best VPN for any downloading occurring on torrent.

The real fact that is established to be the factor behind its not efficient nature is that it has the tendency of leaking the IP address of your system. It does not give an encrypted connection as well. It neither has the DNS leak protection feature nor has the internet kill switch options. Whenever the user is using a free VPN, you become open to threats.

However, the VPN can never be completely free. The running cost of VPN is high and there is no absolute particular honest opinion about how they cover their costs. Thus, it might be considered that they do so through compromising the security factors. The free services are therefore not reliable ones.


The paid VPN services are better in terms of security, privacy, and connection. In fact, it is highly recommended by Reddit users to use the trial period of premium VPN in order to test. This will not only serve you a simple trial but in fact a safe VPN option.

5 Best VPNs Reddit Users Recommend in 2022 (Safe & Fast)

Here we go with the list of top 5 Best VPN which are mostly recommend by reddit users available in the year 2022. All the Best VPN are fast and safe.

1. NordVPN

Starting off the list with the most favorite choice of the Reddit users, NordVPN. This is supposed to have a no-logs policy. Thus, there is no fear of leaking data. It is generally known to use 256-bit encryption which further gives you additional protection from spies and hackers. The specific CyberSec feature has the responsibility to block websites that enables protection against malware and many other cyber threats.

It is one of the Best VPN which have high-speed servers in around 60 different countries. With this you get the facility to get geoblocked contents from all these countries. It has a Smart Select Feature to get past the geoblocks.

It auto-detects the server and the user is easily switched to that particular server to complete his streaming. NordVPN knows how to camouflage the internet traffic using unclear servers. There is an exclusive 30-day money-back guarantee pack to test yourself whether it is suitable to you or not.

2. ProtonVPN

This particularly has a good reputation with Redditors due to its reliable high-speed network connections, massive server selection, and Secure Core technology. The Secure Core takes your data through different servers and rotates it before passing it away from the network.

The spies monitoring the network, hence don’t get any trace of the browsing activity that is taking place through your connection. The actual data centres in Switzerland, Iceland and Sweden are the real spot of the servers. Thus, the privacy and security measures are strong enough to protect your data.

ProtonVPN is also known to use military-grade encryption to protect the user’s data. The presence of a strict no-logs policy and the built-in kill switch ensure complete protection to your unprotected data that is particularly associated in leaving the network in case you have a connection failure.

Additionally, there is the DNS leak protection feature that can be kept “Always On” to ensure additional protection to your personal information as well. Another prominent feature is the built-in support for Tor. All together ensuring the best security level. This ProtonVPN gives a limited free account. Each plan has the same 30-day money-back guarantee plan

3. Mullvad VPN

Now we have come to third part of the list. This particular VPN is famous for its cost-effectiveness. The essential feature is the it is so simple and easy to use. All the non-essential features and updates are eliminated here in this VPN. The Reddit users are mad about Mullvad. In the current situation, it even offers apps for Windows and macOS.

However, there are controversies as there are no iOS and Android support. But nonetheless, it has a done a good job as it only one that is the app provider for Debian and Fedora OS. It too comes with 256-bit encryption and a similar no-logs policy is imposed. However, the highlighting feature is the anonymity of the user. It doesn’t even take your email address, name etc. It too has a similar 30-day money-back guarantee plan.

4. ExpressVPN

Another highly recommended VPN is this one that is very popular among the Reddit users. In the whole market, it is one of the fastest and secure ones that is loaded with security feature. It comes with a similar 256*bit AES encryption. There is an inclusion of zero logs policy and an automatic kill switch to protect your data. It works on the TrustedServer technology.0

This ensures that nothing is stored in the hard disk. The presence of the split tunnel gives the user the opportunity to decide the traffic he wished to direct through the VPN. It is serving in 90 countries with more than 3000 servers. It works efficiently on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, etc. It too has the same 30-day money back guarantee plan.

5. Surfshark

It is the cheapest in the whole list. The Reddit users are fond of it for its obvious 24/7 support. It allows unlimited devices and 3200 servers. It is also known for viewing geo-blocked content. It Is also known to unblock 15 different Netflix libraries and also some other streaming services that include Hulu and BBC iPlayer. The Whitelist feature here enables us to allow particular websites and apps to go through the VPN connection.

Another feature like CleanWeb keeps the user and all his data safe from malware. It comes with a strict no-logs policy along with a AES-256 encryption. It also has the same automatic kill switch. Like all other, it too has the same 30-day money-back guarantee plan.


Reddit can be difficult on many people with respect to navigation. All together there are multiple VPN subcategories and subreddits. In fact, it also includes featuring reviews, some advice, and technical support too.

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