10 Best ‘AnimeHeaven’ Alternatives to Watch Free Anime

AnimeHeaven is a popular website for streaming anime movies and series. This reputable platform has a varied collection of anime movies, series, and so on. This platform is filled with particular genres including drama, comedy, thriller, mystery, action, etc.

All the anime movies and series on the website feature dubbed and subbed versions. Also, it often experiences so many unexplainable downtimes together with other interruptions. Users may get frustrated and be sure about how to access their favorite movies. It appears on this website under scrutiny by various regulatory authorities.


10 Best AnimeHeaven Alternatives to Watch Free Anime Series

Nowadays, alternate websites are available instead of AnimeHeaven. They are based on stunning graphics and interesting themes and have gained enough fan support during these years. Some people will have trouble accessing your favorite videos on AnimeHeaven.

Here are some alternative websites you can check out for the same or even better quality anime series and movie downloads.

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1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the few completely legal sites. It is consists of lots and lots of anime that you can watch on. Users can watch them all whatever your media device may be. The User can also track your watch history so that you won’t get lost the next time on visiting the website.

However, Crunchyroll is not available for free. But, this is completely worth it. There is a two-week trial is given before you buy the whole experience. The streaming functions are completely working on the website. Some shows on the website are dubbed, but then most of them have a subtitle.

There were even languages options are given to read different languages. Users can adjust video quality depending on your taste. It streams live video on platforms like Facebook, etc. All you need to do is sign up for a free account. Notifications keep you updated on the latest anime videos that are available.

Also, the website shows recent updates with a slideshow of banners. Searching for content is also simplified through the search tab and filtration tools. They also have a no-ads policy. Therefore, it is the best alternative.

2. KissAnime

KissAnime is the oldest streaming site with anime. It has a very big collection of anime. The range of categories may be varying up to the oldest anime that you couldn’t think. Users can stream the video in 360p up to 1080p. You can stream the anime here in whatever device you have, which means you can easily watch anime on-the-go.

Once inside the website, you will feel like you are a little kid going inside a huge toy store that sells everything else for free. That’s right, everything here is free and there is no membership required. But if a user wants to, you can register and take the membership.

It will help the user to manage the anime that you are watching and bookmark them for future uses. Also, users can choose to sign-up for updates so that you will get to know when a hot new anime pop out or a new episode of your favorite anime is already uploaded. So, start streaming and downloading videos from KissAnime.

3. Masterani.me

Some of the users determined the Masterani.me website as one of the best anime websites that used for anime streaming. The website provides an option for you to create an account if you want to do so. Thus, you will be able to queue all of your anime.

User can also link the account with a MyAnimeList so that will be able to experience it on both websites. Users can search for anime in the search bar right around the website.

There is an advanced search option for MasterAnime so that users will be able to look carefully at whether that thing is a TV series, OVA or a movie, or something special.

You can choose to look for series even it is over early. A chat section is also available on the website just for familiarising if users do not know the ways around the website.

4. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is one of the popular anime websites among them. It consists of lots of anime that depict a good storyline. Compared to other, that stock low-quality anime movies and series, this one is good. Besides, they also have various books that are related to the anime character.

So, the user will get to know more about the anime itself. Probably this one is a free website out there that offers anime for free. Also, the app of GoGoAnime will be more for them to search for anime that the user wants to see. But, its problem is that the ads could often pop up in between.

This will make the users feel very boring, irritating, and annoying who are watching anime. The best thing about the website is that it has provided the anime free of cost. So, the users can watch anime that is the same anime that charges an amount on a different anime website.

If you want to stream or you want to download the latest anime videos, GoGoAnime is the best option to be chosen. Accessing content on site is easy and direct. All thanks to the designer who has done an attractive and simple user interface.

The website has classified all their anime collections into different categories for easy identification. Also, it will save the time of the user. If you like quality and variety in anime movies, go and check out for GoGoAnime.

5. Funimation

In this website named Funimation, the users can see the details of the movie that they are watching. It will also show out some details that are defined properly and are made surely in-depth. This will help the user understand more everything about what on earth is going to happen.

This website, do not support the trend of likes and shares. Everything which is needed is provided in a simple and neatly arranged user interface. The Funimation group building is currently known as one of the biggest active building in the world.

This website is completely free of cost. Also, everyone can use it at any time as long as they want. But, you can see that you are without giving anything to this website it brings out traffic and annoyance. Hence, if you will look closely, this website has also contributed well to the countries.

6. AnimeNova

AnimeNova is one of the best places to visit when you choose to pass by your time while watching anime. It is the best way for a time pass. There was a variety of anime movies that you can find around the website that you will truly love.

Moreover, they have some anime series inside them so that the users will feel justice about looking for anime series. Besides, it also contains some of the anime drama. This means that you will be able to experience different kinds of emotions and situations when entering this website.

The user can watch their videos in high streaming quality. The quality of streaming is perfect in the case of this website. So, the user will be able to enjoy the video that the user is watching at the maximum level. If the quality of the video is high, the user can still experience fast streaming speed. Therefore, AnimeNova is a nice website for anime.

7. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is one streaming service that said to be loved by everyone. People say that there are a standard and perfection in the streaming of the AnimeLab. When you sign up via Facebook or just right through your email you can access the free streaming service.

No payments needed meanings needed and you do not have to put any credit card details for starting. AnimeLab has a very simple website and the interface that everyone could get it simply. Users can easily search for any anime which there favorite without any difficulty.

There is a fair mix of anime videos that dubbed and also which has a subtitle. So, it all depends on you on what is the taste of the user. Using the Chromecast adaptability feature, you can cast the video on your home TV device.

The reviews of the site also appreciate the quality and value it provides. It is simple and easy to join and access the contents onsite. So, create your account for free and start downloading HD anime videos.

8. Because.moe

Because.moe is also a perfect alternate of AnimeHeaven. The user can watch various anime found on this website with a fast streaming quality. But, then also it streams with a very high-quality format. This website will allow you to fully immerse yourself when watching the movies and the TV series.

Hence, it is one of the best among those websites out there. Users will be able to learn more about the world of entertainment, in different aspects, with the help of this. In the case of features, offers, and design, this website is similar to other websites.

But, this website has some new features and updated, which makes it a bit upper hand compared to the other websites. The main objective of this website is to present all of the viewers and users should experience what anime is.

9. Netflix

Netflix is a well-known name nowadays. You might also be quite amazed to see Netflix on this list. But, it is a fact that Netflix has already changed and hyped up the game. Netflix cannot be referred to as just an ordinary video streaming website. But on the other hand, Netflix also offers anime around it.

Some users go towards Netflix to watch anime, too different from the others that want to just go to a website to do the same thing. Netflix is among the big names for live HD video streaming in terms of brand popularity.

Another reason for great traffic online on this is due to the wide variety of contents available on this platform. Besides, Netflix also consists of a rich library of some of the latest anime videos, very similar to AnimeHeaven. One notable problem with Netflix is that it is not for free.

Netflix varies its cost depending on how the user will use it. But it is worth the price that the user spends. The video player of Netflix is interactive towards the users. It is sure that the subtitle is well balanced, perfect, and synced to the video being shown.

Been a paid platform, Netflix will not show ads during the streaming. So, if paying money is not a problem for you, Netflix is all set and ready for the stream.

10. Hulu

As similar to Netflix, you might not be waiting for a website like this. But, Hulu is also a good option for using it as an alternative. This website also contains various videos. It may be offered other types of services, but this also has anime inside it.

Hulu has a big anime series and movie collection which includes the latest. This is the place to check out if you love variety and quality in your anime collection. The user will also appreciate the customer supports a very cooperative team.

This is one of a few anime streaming websites that assures a 24/7 customer supports the team. So, Hulu can be a solution to get help with all your queries.

Details About the AnimeHeaven Website:

Understanding AnimeHeaven:

AnimeHeaven is an online platform offering a vast collection of anime titles, from classic series to the latest releases. It caters to a wide range of anime enthusiasts by providing subbed and dubbed content in various genres, making it a sought-after site for anime streaming.

Key Features of AnimeHeaven:

  1. Extensive Anime Library: AnimeHeaven boasts a diverse selection of anime titles, continuously updated to include new episodes and series.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The website is designed for easy navigation, allowing users to effortlessly search and stream their preferred anime.
  3. High-Quality Streaming: AnimeHeaven offers streaming in various resolutions, accommodating different internet speeds and viewer preferences.
  4. Free Access: The site provides its services free of charge, appealing to a broad anime-watching community.

Legal and Copyright Considerations:

The legality of streaming content from AnimeHeaven is a complex issue. The site often hosts links to anime content that might be unauthorized, raising questions about copyright infringement. Users should be aware of their country’s copyright laws when using platforms like AnimeHeaven.

Safety and Security Risks:

Safety is a significant concern on free streaming sites like AnimeHeaven. Risks include exposure to malware, phishing attempts, and intrusive ads. Users are advised to employ robust antivirus software and be cautious, especially when interacting with advertisements.

The AnimeHeaven User Experience:

Generally, users report a positive experience with AnimeHeaven, praising its comprehensive anime selection and user-friendly interface. However, the presence of ads and the occasional need to navigate through pop-ups can detract from the overall experience.

Responsible Use of AnimeHeaven:

When using AnimeHeaven, it’s important for viewers to understand the potential legal and ethical implications. Responsible usage, awareness of the risks involved, and appropriate security measures are key to a safer streaming experience.


  1. Is AnimeHeaven legal?
    • The legality of using AnimeHeaven varies based on your country’s copyright and streaming laws.
  2. Do I need to create an account on AnimeHeaven?
    • AnimeHeaven typically does not require account creation to access its content.
  3. How does AnimeHeaven provide free streaming?
    • AnimeHeaven offers free streaming by hosting links to anime content, usually hosted on third-party servers.
  4. What should I do if I encounter security issues on AnimeHeaven?
    • Ensure your antivirus is up-to-date, consider using a VPN, and avoid providing personal information on the site.
  5. Are there legal alternatives to AnimeHeaven?
    • Yes, platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix offer legal and secure streaming of a wide range of anime content.

This comprehensive overview of AnimeHeaven provides valuable insights into its features, legal considerations, and safety protocols, helping users navigate the site more effectively and responsibly.

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If you want to pass the time by watching anime, make sure that you know what to watch and expect. But in case the user wants to experience premium and spend a buck, then that all depends on you.

Surely, people love to watch the anime and they have such good content from them that gives a motivation for every single viewer no matter what the content is. If you got the website that you have been looking for, then go for it.

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