15 Best ‘Putlocker’ Alternatives to Watch Movies

In present times, video streaming websites have become very popular due to the growth of smartphones and the evolution of the internet. All of us use our mobile phones to watch online TV shows and movies. But these movie streaming applications come with a subscription fee.

Fortunately, we have a few websites like Putlocker sites that offer online movies for free.


15 Best Sites Like Putlocker to Watch Movies

Originated in the UK in 2012, these Putlocker sites enjoyed a massive customer visit of approximately 800,000 per day. This number dropped down gradually since the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) took it offline due to security issues.

It also changed its domain several times, which is currently working at the “.kz” address. However, there is no assurance of how long will it work. Keeping in mind all these things, it is better to look out for Putlocker alternatives.

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1. 123 Movies

With the prime focus on entertainment, user safety, and convenience, 123 Movies offers a massive list of movies and TV series. It contains well-categorized sections with which you can easily search for new content. 123 Movies is a good alternative to Putlocker sites.

2. Megashare

With a user-friendly interface, Megashare is deemed to be one of the most convenient and straightforward streaming services available at present. Megashare has a massive customer base and an extensive library to offer. Furthermore, one of its most incredible features is the inclusion of subtitles. It is indeed a good Putlocker alternative.

3. Popcornflix

Containing mostly old and classic movies, Popcornflix works impressively well on smartphones and computer systems and is fully compatible with iOS and Android platforms.

Moreover, you don’t need to signup and create an account to enjoy Popcornflix, you can directly watch your favorite movies or shows here! It has been in the market for quite some time now and is considered as an up to par Putlocker alternative.

4. Popcorn Time

At par with some of the most popular streaming websites like Netflix and Prime Video, Popcorn Time has a stupendous collection of television shows and movies in its library. It has a navigation mechanism and an easy to use interface.

It has systematically arranged sections so that it becomes easy for us to search for the latest movies or the old ones too. Popcorn Time is a gratifying option when it comes to binge-watching any of your favorite series!

5. Rainierland

Rainierland offers a colossal range of novel and favored series that comes with details like the name of the star cast etc. One snag of this amazing tool is that it is not advertisement-free. Although it is not the cleanest video streaming website, still it is regarded as a good Putlocker alternative.

6. FMovies

FMovies is admired for its sleek and modern user interface, which makes it different from its other competitors. One can easily search through this website for their preferred shows and movies. One problem that you might face, while availing FMovies are advertisements, since it is free of cost. However, it does not create much problem.

7. GoMovies

With a list of thousands of shows and movies that keep getting updated frequently, GoMovies is an awe-inspiring Putlocker alternative. One flaw of this website is the frequent popping up of advertisements.

8. MovieWatcher

Fully compatible with desktops and smartphones, MovieWatcher is known for its well-made library along with an organized playlist. The main page and the search menu both, are appropriately organized and categorized thereby supporting effortless navigation. You can choose your show or movie, based on its popularity, release year and date, genre, etc.

9. Los Movies

Almost all the shows and movies on Los Movies are in HD. Although Los Movies is available in English, it has a variety of subtitle options in various languages like Swedish, Albanian, Croatian, etc. to offer. One snag of this video streaming site is popping up of advertisements. Keeping aside this point, the site works really well and is indeed a good Putlocker alternative.

10. Solar Movie

Known for its huge collection of shows and movies, Solar Movie is one of the best Putlocker alternatives.

Some attributes of Solar Movie are –

  • Excellent Performance
  • Easy to use
  • Highly Responsive Interface
  • Works on both computers and smartphones

11. Yes Movies

With over 9000 movies, shows, and documentaries, Yes Movies is the perfect destination to satisfy your entertainment cravings. The homepage of the website is prepossessing and is categorized into different sections like genre, country, movies, TV series, and top IMDb.

12. CMovies

With a massive collection of movies and TV series of different genres like horror, comedy, crime, suspense, biography, fantasy, etc., CMovies is one of the best Putlocker alternatives. It allows you to browse your favorite movies and TV series online, without any hassle. Furthermore, it has a well-designed and organized interface.

13. Movie4u

Movie4u has a very simple website interface, that allows you to navigate easily through the website for your favorite TV shows and movies. It has movies and shows of different genres and periods. The homepage has a genre-wise as well as a year-wise list of TV shows and movies.

There is a search bar option, allowing you to search the movie or the TV show, you want to enjoy. In short, Movie4u is another great option, one can consider in place of Putlocker sites.

14. Moonline

Moonline has a good collection of movies and TV series of different genres like animation, science-fiction, comedy, fantasy, horror, mystery, thriller, suspense, drama, etc. Exceptional features like Replay Video Capture, which enables you to capture and convert the movies, which have already been streamed, take Moonline ahead of its other competitors.

15. 5Movies

Available as a mobile application on the android platform, 5Movies allows you to enjoy the latest movies and TV shows, which can be downloaded for free. 5Movies is also the destination, where you can enjoy unscripted TV drama shows and music recordings.

The best part about 5Movies is that its movie categorization is absolutely perfect, and thus, allows you to search for your favorite TV shows and series very easily.

Details About The Putlocker Website:

Understanding Putlocker:

Putlocker is an online streaming platform that gained immense popularity for offering free access to a wide range of movies and TV shows. It emerged as a go-to destination for users looking to stream content without a subscription fee, featuring everything from the latest movie releases to classic television series.

Key Features of Putlocker:

  1. Extensive Content Library: Putlocker is known for its vast collection of movies and TV shows, encompassing various genres and catering to diverse viewer preferences.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The site’s design focuses on simplicity and ease of navigation, enabling users to easily find and stream their desired content.
  3. Streaming Quality Options: Putlocker provides multiple streaming qualities, allowing users to choose based on their internet connection and device capabilities.
  4. Regular Updates: The platform is recognized for regularly updating its content library, ensuring access to the latest releases.

Legal and Copyright Issues:

The legality of streaming from Putlocker has always been a contentious issue. Operating in a grey area, the site has faced numerous legal challenges for hosting and providing access to copyrighted content without authorization. Users should be aware of their country’s laws regarding online streaming from such sources.

Safety and Security Concerns:

Safety is a significant concern when using free streaming sites like Putlocker. Risks include exposure to malware, phishing scams, and intrusive ads. It’s advisable for users to have robust antivirus software and to exercise caution when navigating the site.

User Experience on Putlocker:

Users generally report a positive experience with Putlocker, citing the wide range of content and user-friendly interface. However, issues like pop-up ads and occasional downtimes can detract from the overall streaming experience.

Responsible Usage:

It’s important for users to understand the potential legal and ethical implications of using sites like Putlocker. Being aware of the risks and taking appropriate security measures can lead to a more secure viewing experience.

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If you crave good movies and TV series or shows, a good movie or TV show streaming website is a must for you. Now, since Putlocker sites are nowhere in existence, we need to look for other suitable alternatives for the same.

Here, in this article, we have provided a detailed overview of the fifteen best alternatives to Putlocker sites. We hope you make a wise choice! A critical point to note here is, regardless of whichever site you are using, ensure that you protect your identity and safety with a VPN connection.


1. Where can I watch free movies online?

Online streaming sites are the best option to watch free movies online. With these sites, you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows comfortably at your home. All you need is a good internet connection!

2. Is Putlocker safe and legal to use?

Putlocker is a safe and legal website. However, sites like Putlocker are good sources of advertising too. Though most of the advertisements are legitimate and harmless, there are good chances of some adverts containing pirated content.

3. Is Putlocker legal in the United States?

Putlocker is a movie streaming site that does not host any content on its own instead, it uses various third-party links to provide the source of multiple videos. It is legal in the United States of America. There is absolutely no risk for people who are using it to stream movies.

4. Is Putlocker legal in Australia?

Putlocker is legal in Australia and is in fact, one of the most popular videos streaming websites over there. It provides copyright content for free. Watching online movies and shows is not illegal however, downloading movies and shows can be illegal.

5. Will a VPN protect me when using Putlocker?

Since Putlocker sites host third-party content, a reliable VPN will ensure your online safety. A high-quality VPN encrypts your internet traffic, which means no one can track your online activities, so ever if you breach any legal policy, no one will ever know about it.

6. What kind of genre of movies can I enjoy on Putlocker sites?

You can watch any genre movie or show on Putlocker sites. Be it horror, romantic, fantasy, mystery, thriller, suspense, crime, animation, science-fiction, etc. all kinds of movies and shows are available on these sites.

7. What can I use in place of Putlocker?

There are many workable alternatives to Putlocker. Apart from streaming websites, we can also consider some standalone applications like Showbox, Crackle, Cinemabox, Playbox HD, etc. However, it should be kept in mind that legal warnings and implications remain the same for both websites and applications.

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