20 Best ‘GoMovies’ Alternatives to Watch Movies

GoMovies is one of the best websites for watching top-rated movies for free. The best thing about GoMovies is that it is different from most of the film providing sites. It showcases newly released movies in high quality. This might not be legal in your country as laws and regulations may vary in a particular region.

In case you are a fan of the movies and want to watch the recent videos for free then GoMovies is the perfect platform. The website will charge nothing from you and will allow you to watch movies and all for free. The issues with newly released movies are that they appear low-quality on GoMovies.

So, if you can compromise with the quality to watch the latest movies, then GoMovies is the best possible option for you. The movies that are offered by the GoMovies come from the 123movies website which is also one of the largest repositories of movies over the internet.


Everything that is available at the GoMovies is free to stream online and it can be downloaded as well. There is only one drawback of GoMovies, that it provides the advertisement-supported services to its visitors.

Best 20 Alternatives to Websites like GoMovies

Like GoMovies there are a lot of other streaming websites where you can get all the privileges as you get on GoMovies. So here we provide you with the 20 Best alternatives to websites like GoMovies.

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1. Openload FreeTV

OpenloadFreeTV is a free social movie network that lets you manage your Movies and in a convenient way. It has got over 8,092 Movies and 1,279 TV Series. It gives you the ability to move your movies from one list to another, flexible sorting.

You can get new episode updates easily, with a single click, and get email notifications about TV Shows. You can watch movies by browsing through their movie index. It is very easy to use and flexible. On OpenloadFreeTV you can watch the movie online for free.

Entertainment, Celebrity, Politics, Tech, Health, are some of the other things you can watch on this website.

2. Putlocker

If you want to enjoy high-quality movies without Ads. Putlocker is the site. Putlocker is a free movie streaming site for those who want to enjoy their favorite movies in HD quality without any ad irritations. It also provides news about upcoming movies.

Putlocker comes with a vast database of more than 7000 movies and also daily updates with new release movies. The user interface of this website is simple. You can stream content without any registration. The website offers various servers to watch the content in HD quality.

3. YIFY Movies

YIFY is one of the most reliable names in the torrenting world. It is a great platform for streaming as well. YIFY Movies, as the name suggests, only stream movies and you can trust it. YIFY has an appealing interface that attracts a lot of customers.

The website ensures great speed and low buffering, and it also provides you with the best quality available. YIFY has the most dedicated communities of online streaming, so you can be assured that if there is any bug or flaw it will soon be addressed and rectified.

4. Movie4K

Movie4k is probably the best and easiest movie streaming website that allows you to watch unlimited HD movies for free. You can stream on this website even without registration. It offers all the popular box office movies to its users and it has a quite simple interface that makes it easy for everyone to choose a film.

Movie4k has the fastest streaming speed and offers movies in different languages that make it better than others. It has various ways to find the favorite movies, by exploring its categories, sorting movies by year.

5. FMovies

FMovies is an entertaining website to download and watch movies for free in high quality. It allows its users to download any series, TV shows, or movies for free and it does not ask you for registration either.

The quality of FMovies is that the movies do not contain any kind of advertisements at all. It comes with ad-free videos. There are a lot of genres available such as action, adventure, thriller, top movies according to IMDB ranking, sci-fi, and much more.

6. 123Movie

123Movie is a  website that allows you to stream movies in high-quality. It has the largest movie collections that is regularly updated with lots of new titles. It has a very simple interface.

123Movie recommends you all the most recent, trending movies which save you a lot of time to discover a great film. The best thing about this website is that it offers different options such as movies by genres, years, and countries.

7. AZMovies

AZMovies or A to Z movies is a site for someone who doesn’t want to miss any movie title. You can view the entire list of movies or sort them by genre or year.

Most of the time rather than allowing users to stream videos directly on the portal, AZMovies provides the users with streaming locations over the internet. This website might not be as great as other streaming websites but, it is good to have it around when no other option works.


YesMovies is an amazing streaming website where you can watch your favorite movies online for free. It doesn’t ask you for registration. Search for the movie, click on it and it will take you to the page where you can see the movie’s duration, genre, actors, producers, and more.

You can sort the content according to the country. Overall, YesMovies prove to be one of the better alternatives to stream content.

9. Putlocker HD

In case you loved putlocker then here is the other version, Putlocker HD. Putlocker HD has been one of the most-visited and popular free streaming sites to movies. The interface is really simple and does nothing to enhance your movie-watching experience, except the night mode.

The site offers movies categorized according to genres, year, and IMDB rating. Hosting of the original putlocker website has been shut down in most parts of the world by governments due to copyright or piracy concerns.

10. Viooz

Viooz is a free online streaming website that allows you to watch and download movies in good video and sound quality. The website has a massive collection of content that consists of different genres such as Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, History, Horror, and War, etc.

Each one has its own movies to watch as well as regular updates with new movies in order to deliver the latest and more enjoyable content.

The site has an intuitive interface, and no registration is required, just open the site and enjoy all features. The most prominent features include a massive database, regular updates with new movies, movie description, search box, no login, and free for everyone.

11. MovieNinja

Movieninja is considered to be the best website to watch Bollywood films and Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies. This website began a few years ago when they uploaded movies of all genres to be downloaded or viewed for free. Most people prefer to stream their movies online rather than going to the theater.

The interface is also smooth and helps you to easily navigate across titles. Registration is required in order to access everything. It has its own benefits such as, you can add content to your watchlist or see what other members are watching this week. It has an option to download content offline.

12. Oakmovies

Oakmovies is another alternative for GoMovies to stream movies when nothing works. The website has a huge database of movies to keep you entertained from every genre. It doesn’t require any registration. The site contains the full length and best quality movies, and anyone around the world can access it.

It offers all the key services with some new features and tools that help you quickly find your favorite movies. The best thing about Oakmovies that sets it apart from other streaming sites is the minimal number of advertisements.

13. CosmoTube.co

CosmoTube.co is a movie streaming website that allows you to watch all classic to latest videos in high-quality. The site has a massive collection of best movies that are divided into categories such as Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, War, Superhero, Family, and Romance, etc.

Through this streaming service, you can sort your favorite movies. CosmoTube.co is even best for TV Show lovers and offers complete episodes to watch and share without any limitation.

CosmoTube.co offers movies in different languages. No login is required. Overall, CosmoTube.co is one of the best movie and TV show streaming sites as compared to the others.

14. iOMovies

iOMovies contains an interactive user interface with a lot of unique qualities. A huge database of top rated movies can be found here. Besides a huge collection the site also provides ratings and reviews of the movies that are present on it.

You can share the content on social media as well. You can tell people that are able to watch the latest series for free. It also allows you to download the subtitles if you’re watching something for any other language.

15. Vidics

Vidics is a streaming website that is ideal for getting data about the film also. You can also use this site to get data about your most loved motion picture stars also. In addition, this site gives you boundless access to motion pictures, it also gives you a chance to watch films throughout the globe.

One of the greatest tabs of this site is the Timetable tab which gives you a rundown of films. It tells you about the top movies as per the user activity on the site. You can find the most popular names based on this activity. Vidics proves to be a better alternative for the GoMovies.

There is one problem that is associated with Vidics, and that is the loading of the movie. It happens because of the slow internet connection of the visitors or the high-quality print of the movie.

16. M4UFreeTV

M4ufree Movie is a streaming website through which a user can easily watch movies. The site has a huge database of titles that keeps updating as soon as anything new is released. No registration is required to watch the content. The streaming is also smooth and does not require a lot of buffering.

The user interface of this website is simple. Users do not have to pay any subscription or sign up fees.
You can also download the film to all TV shows to watch later in offline mode. If you want a decent alternative for GoMovies where you can watch both movies and TV shows, then M4UFreeTV is a decent option.

17. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a website that provides movies and TV shows in premium quality for free. The site features independent films and TV shows from different genres. The special thing about Popcornflix is that it features original content including web series and school originals.

The service is currently available in the USA and Canada. You can also queue other titles while you are currently watching any movie or show. While these features require you to register, they are definitely worth it. You can add moments at a certain instance of the movie/episode, which others can read.

18. Moviewatcher

MovieWatcher is a website, especially for watching HD movies over the internet for free. The website charges nothing from its users and allows them to download as many videos as they want. Most of the time rather than allowing the users streaming videos directly at its portal, it provides the users with the streaming locations over the internet.

Rather than having its own database of movies, MovieWatcher relies on external video sharing sites. The interface is user-friendly and it is very easy for the visitors to select the movie by genre, rating, release date, or name. The best about this site is that its services are not restricted to the desktop only.

Rather than online streaming and downloading services can be accessed from the other platforms as well.

19. Streamlikers

Streamlikers is an online movie streaming site that offers high definition movies to users. It is user-friendly and has a hoard of old, and recent films. The site users get access to top Rated, upcoming, box Office, TV Schedule, on-Air, and Popular, among others.

All of them are accessible from the dashboard on the main page of Stramlikers. The homepage of Streamlikers has a search button where the user can type the name of the movie and search.

It provides users with genres like Romance, Horror, Documentary, Thriller, Music, Fantasy, Crime, and Action, among others. If you are looking for something that won’t be taken down then, Streamlikers is a good option.

20. YouTube

YouTube is undoubtedly the most dominant platform for streaming free videos, movies online. Furthermore, YouTube hosts various kinds of videos for people to view and comment on a daily basis. Along with a huge amount of content, its vast user base grows actively.

Some YouTubers also upload the latest movies which could be viewed online. The best part about YouTube is that it is completely free and you would never have to worry about it going down.

The thing that makes YouTube different is that it has more online content than any other website on the planet. So out of all the websites, YouTube is one of the best websites present there.

Details About the GoMovies Website:

Understanding GoMovies:

GoMovies is an online streaming service known for offering a vast array of movies and TV shows. It has gained popularity due to its extensive content library, which includes everything from the latest blockbusters to classic films, all accessible for free.

Features of GoMovies:

  1. Expansive Content Library: GoMovies boasts a diverse selection of films and TV series, constantly updated to include the newest releases and timeless classics.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The website is designed with user convenience in mind, facilitating easy navigation and content discovery.
  3. Quality Streaming Options: GoMovies offers multiple streaming qualities, accommodating viewers with different internet speeds.
  4. Free Access: The platform provides its services free of charge, making it a go-to choice for budget-conscious movie lovers.

Legal and Copyright Considerations:

The legality of streaming from GoMovies is a complex issue. The site often provides access to copyrighted content without proper authorization, which raises significant legal questions. Users should be aware of their country’s copyright laws and regulations when using such platforms.

Safety and Security Concerns:

Safety is a paramount concern when using free streaming sites like GoMovies. Risks include potential exposure to malware, phishing attempts, and intrusive advertisements. Users are advised to use robust antivirus software and exercise caution, especially when interacting with ads.

User Experience on GoMovies:

The overall user experience on GoMovies is generally positive, with users appreciating the wide range of available content and the ease of use. However, the presence of advertisements and the potential security risks can detract from the overall experience.

Responsible Use of GoMovies:

When using GoMovies, it’s important for viewers to understand the potential legal and ethical implications. Exercising caution and using the platform responsibly is key to a safer and more secure streaming experience.


  1. Is GoMovies legal?
    • The legality of using GoMovies varies based on your country’s laws regarding copyright and online streaming.
  2. Do I need to create an account to use GoMovies?
    • Typically, GoMovies does not require users to create an account to access its content.
  3. How does GoMovies provide free content?
    • GoMovies offers free content by hosting links to streams, rather than the content itself, which may be hosted on different servers.
  4. What should I do if I encounter a security issue on GoMovies?
    • Ensure your antivirus software is up to date, consider using a VPN for added security, and avoid providing any personal information.
  5. Are there any legal alternatives to GoMovies?
    • Yes, there are several legal streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, offering a wide range of content.

This detailed exploration of GoMovies provides a thorough understanding of its operations, helping users navigate the site with a better insight into its features, legal standing, and safety protocols.

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While streaming online content has become one of our favorite hobbies, it is not exactly an easy job to do. Streaming sites are taken down all too often. However, the list of 20 alternatives will ensure that you are never left without an option whenever you desire for some entertainment.

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