VPN Explained: How Does It Work? Why Would You Use It?

Passwords are protected. Money is blocked. Chats are hidden. In this world, everyone prefers privacy-both online and offline. Today, where everything is out there in the eyes of the public, we fear about security. Every move, every action is being recorded and safety is questionable. But that is what a VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps us in.

What is A VPN?

VPN is a private network that encrypts and transfers data from one place to another on the web. It helps you to protect your sensitive data while using the public domain on a public hotspot and enables you to hide your browsing history and ensures online privacy.

VPN makes sure that your IP address is not linked to your identity. It gives you the chance to browse through private and blocked websites. Even though it ensures privacy, it won’t be able to protect the users from all kinds of tracking. It is a way to connect various business networks sitting at home.

In other words, VPN helps you to connect your mobile or computer to a server present in another country and allows you to browse through the sites of that country which was not possible earlier. It is now used for various online activities like shopping, torrenting and streaming.

Not all VPNs are trustworthy and efficient. It is important to use the best VPN to avoid data theft and make sure that the data hasn’t been leaked. There are several VPNs we can choose to use. But when we use a VPN, our priority should be security.

There are a few features that must be considered in order to decide if the VPN is worth our money. We choose VPNs that have a range of protocols, DNS leak protection, a kill switch, speed, and a military-grade encryption.

It is also important for the VPN to be easily downloaded and installed in the device. The users should also be able to operate comfortably.

3 Best VPNs in 2020

There are a few top VPN providers of 2020:

1. ExpressVPN

Even though they are the most expensive VPNs, they are worth the money because of their highly secured AES-256 encryption and OpenVPN protocol and works really well as it is user-friendly and compatible with all platforms.

2. NordVPN

After facing a security breach, NordVPN came back right on top being the next best VPN provider. It is one of the most trusted VPNs and includes commendable features like- split tunneling, DNS leak protection and double VPN.

It also comes with an ad blocker and anti-malware protection to provide safety to its users.

3. Cyberghost

It is a cheaper VPN provider as compared to the others and has the strongest encryption protocols. It also has a money-back guarantee, so it helps the users to try out the service and then be satisfied for the amount paid.

There are several other VPNs like Windscribe, Private Internet Access, Surfshark and IPVanish which are doing well in 2020. Some are better for iPhones, while some do well for different sites and others in terms of the money’s worth.

Why Do I Need A VPN?

It is important for all internet users to have a VPN. This is for the sole reason of protecting your privacy from onlookers. VPN helps to avoid global mass surveillance. The internet service providers can see and record all the websites visited by us if we do not have a VPN.

It also helps to bypass internet censorship. Using a VPN helps all the residents evade censorship to communicate freely and access global media. VPN helps mask the IP address of the users and hide the true identity and location from censorship systems.

Using a public domain is the easiest way to steal essential data. It helps us to protect all our confidential information from hackers and keeps us safe while staying on public Wi-Fi. Other than that, it helps us to stream any content from anywhere in the world.

VPN is a trustworthy tool to bypass geographical boundaries and unlock all content from different places. VPN encryption can prevent ISPs from meddling with your work since it keeps them from seeing what you are up to.

Without any access, they can’t interfere in your activities. This means you get a worry-free experience in downloading, torrenting, gaming and streaming.

How Does A VPN Work?

Not a lot of people know the working of a VPN. Firstly, a VPN software is chosen for the device. The software looks up the IP address of the server and starts the connection. Then, data like their credentials, is exchanged and furthermore, encryption technologies are used to have a secure VPN tunnel.

Next, the internet traffic is sent through the tunnel to the VPN server. This server then decrypts the traffic and forwards it to the particular website or service.

Once the website sends information to the device, it is again taken through the VPN server. It is then encrypted at the server and sent through the tunnel and decoded by the software on the device.

How To Choose The Right VPN?

Out of all the best options of VPN, there are a few factors to be taken into consideration before selecting which one to go for.

It is important that the VPN is within our cost budget. The VPN should have a strong encryption and should be easily compatible with the servers around the world. They should be fast and should ease streaming and torrenting. It should be user friendly and conformable with the apps.

How To Set Up A VPN?

Setting up of a VPN is not a very difficult task. There is not a fixed way to set it up. This process depends on the device. It is easier to download the custom apps from the selected service provider.

Firstly, we need to subscribe the appropriate VPN provider from the website and verify the account using the credentials.

The next step is to download the software and finish installing after agreeing the terms and conditions and then login to the VPN app.

After that enable the kill switch and leak blocking options and select the location of the server accordingly. Then, you will be connected to the VPN server of your desired location.

Users should be careful while setting up their VPN. There are alternatives for VPN but they would not be as secure as these are. All users should work with a VPN to have a safe online experience.

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