Error Code ‘0x80070570’ in Windows 10

“Which is the only window in the world that you cannot open?” “Windows operating system. xD” Windows has been the most popular operating system used by tech geeks and noobs alike. It is indeed the first name that pops up when anybody talks about “Operating Systems”.

While Windows’ graphical user interface makes it very easy to learn and use, there are some errors that pop up time and again which are not that easy to deal with. At times like these, any user who is facing disruption in his work would resort to search for the solution on the internet.


If you have encountered a 0x80070570 error recently, then you have reached the right place to sort out your problem. Before we talk about how to solve this error, let us talk about the situations in which one might encounter the 0x80070570 error.

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What is Error Code 0x80070570?

Error code 0x80070570 is a common issue faced by Windows 10 users. It typically appears during the installation or update of Windows, file transfer processes, or while using specific applications. This error can prevent the successful completion of the intended operation, leading to user frustration and potential system vulnerabilities.

When Does 0x80070570 Error Occur?

Luckily, the most common instances when this error occurs is either when one is installing Windows in their systems or when one finally gives in and decides to let Microsoft run updates in the system.

So, this error is indeed a rare phenomenon because most Windows users get Windows pre-installed in their devices and keep procrastinating the installation of updates until it is absolutely necessary to do so.

There are three main categories into which the causes of 0x80070570 Error are divided:

Category 1: This happens when you try to install Windows into your system.

Category 2: This happens when you try to install some updates by Microsoft into Windows 10 running on your computer.

Category 3: This happens when the system encounters some hardware or software faults during the working of the computer.

Why Does The 0x80070570 Error Occur?

The 0x80070570 Error might occur because of the following technical reasons:

  • The absence of some files which are mandatory for Windows installation might cause this error. The installation disk might lack the permissions to access the required files or the files might be missing from the CD.
  • The registry settings might have some fault in them due to which the required files fail to process. Or the essential registry files could be inaccessible due to corruption.
  • Trying to access and delete files from folders that are kept inaccessible by the system could also lead to this error. Further, some files might have been deleted and moved to Recycle Bin but the system failed to locate them.
  • During the installation process, the Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) Drivers might not have been recognized properly by the system.
  • Any malware or virus might be stopping or hampering the actions to be performed by the system. The most common way of getting viruses into our systems is by connecting external storage devices without scanning them for viruses or by downloading from untrustworthy websites and sources from the internet.

Causes of Error Code 0x80070570 in Windows 10

Understanding the root causes of error 0x80070570 is crucial for effective troubleshooting. Some of the common causes include:

  1. Corrupted or Missing Files: The error often arises when system files are corrupted or missing. This can occur due to abrupt shutdowns, malware attacks, or software conflicts.
  2. Faulty Hardware: Bad sectors on your hard drive or issues with other hardware components can trigger this error.
  3. Registry Errors: Invalid or corrupted registry entries resulting from software installations or uninstalls can lead to this issue.
  4. Incorrect File Transfer: Interruptions or errors during file transfer processes can result in incomplete or corrupted files, causing the 0x80070570 error.
  5. Outdated Drivers or System Overload: Outdated drivers or an overloaded system with too many tasks can also contribute to this error.

How To Fix Windows Error Code 0x80070570?

Since there is not just one common reason due to which this error occurs, therefore a single way is not enough to help every user to deal with this situation. The solutions are directly dependent on the reason the error happened in the first place.

So, we will talk about the exact condition in which the error occurs along with the steps required to ensure smooth working of the system. There are three major types in which the occurrence of this error is divided. These types are as follows:

Type 1- Windows 7 Installation Error Code 0x80070570

This is the prime event during which this error is encountered. When one tries to install Windows on their system, sometimes the 0x80070570 error pops up and it can be dealt in a lot of different ways. Since one way might suit one user while another might suit the other, we have listed all the possible ways to deal with this situation.

They are:

Method #1 Prevention is Better than Cure

Similar to what has been stated above, we know that  the most common way of getting corrupted files into our system is by using unreliable sources for data. So, to prevent the error from happening, do not use USBs or CDs that might have a corrupted ISO file or a pirated copy of the Windows Operating System Installer.

Only use the original Microsoft products that come with a legal licence key. This preventive measure goes a long way in not just avoiding this error but also avoiding a lot of other issues that happen when one uses a pirated copy of the Operating System.

Further, if you are doing the work of burning the CD by yourself, ensure that the CD is written at a decently slow speed and is not too old to corrupt the data stored in it.

Method #2 Retry Windows Installation

This is the Windows installation version of the most common adage of trying “Switch ON, switch OFF, switch ON again” when using technical gadgets. Go to this step if you are sure that your source of Windows installer is a genuine source and the files could not have been corrupted.

Use the latest ISO file and do not forget to update the BIOS before reinstalling Windows in your computer. Make sure that no other hardware devices like speakers, microphones, printers etc are connected to the system while the installation occurs.

This would cut down the chances of a hardware interrupt leading to failure in installing Windows. Retry the installation by clicking Cancel when the error is encountered and then clicking Install again. This would lead to another attempt of installation without rebooting the system.

Method #3 Running Chkdsk in Windows RE

This method requires rebooting the system while installing Windows with the installation disk still inside the computer. The following steps need to be followed:

Step 1: Start the installation process as prompted on the screen.

Step 2: After you select the language according to your preference, select the “Repair my computer” option.

Step 3: Click twice on the System Recovery Option menu that is now visible on the screen. This would open the command prompt window.

Step 4: Type “chkdsk/f/r”and click the “Enter” button. Have patience while all the checks and repairs are completed.

Step 5: Select to restart the computer and hopefully you will have fixed the error in the installation process.

Method #4 Changing the BIOS Settings

This is not a frequently used method of dealing with the error because very rarely it happens that the  0x80070570 error occurs due to error in BIOS settings. This can be fixed by following the given steps:

Step 1: When the computer is started, the screen shows what keys need to be pressed to access the BIOS settings. Usually it is the F2 key but that might differ based on what device you are on. So, follow that instruction to access BIOS settings.

Step 2: Go to the SATA option and if it says “RAID Autodetect-AHCI”, replace it with “RAID Auto detect-ATA”. Save the changes you made.

Step 3: Exit the current window and redo the process of installation.

Method #5 Cleaning the Registry

The fact that the registry has all the files required for correct working of softwares as well hardwares makes it very important. But it also makes damages to the registry disastrous. This is because if files get corrupted in the registry, a lot of errors can pop up in the system.

To fix any issues in the registry, one can clean the system registry. This can be done either manually or by using some third-party applications.

Even though manual cleaning is a bit cumbersome, you can give it a try. Just make sure you already have a backup or else you might end up causing more troubles instead of dealing with the 0x80070570 error.

Type 2 – Windows Update KB3116908 Failed to Install Error 0x80070570

This error happens when a few Windows 10 users attempt to install a few new updates provided by Microsoft and they fail to do so. If you keep encountering this error again and again, try the following steps:

Step 1: Go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download.

Step 2: Look for a folder named “a39ba752a8aa7203217c75802d7fddd” and delete it. You can only delete it only if you are logged in as Administrator.

Step 3: Restart your computer and retry the installation.

Type 3 – Error 0x80070570: The File or Directory is Corrupted and Unreadable

This error happens when there is a fault in the transfer of files from one storage type to another. The error would say something like “Error 0x80070570: The file or directory is corrupted or unreadable.”

Method #1 Scan for Virus

Some malware or virus might have corrupted the files. This can be fixed by using a good, reliable anti-virus software to scan the complete system.

Fix the issue by removing the malware and the error would get dealt with if the virus was the original issue of the error.

Method #2 Checking for the Drivers Installed and Updating Drivers

It is necessary for the drivers to be installed and kept up to date for smooth functioning of the system. Any mistakes in maintaining the drivers could also lead to this error.

Deal with this using the following steps:

Step 1: Open the Properties option by right clicking on My Computer.

Step 2: Click on the Device Manager tab.

Step 3: Ensure that all the drivers are working correctly.

Step 4: If not, click on Update Driver option to fix the error.

Method #3 Defragmenting the Hard Disk

The data stored in the memory is stored in a highly scattered form. To ensure easy access to the data, one can use the Defragmentation option.

The following steps will help in doing the same:

Step 1: Go to Start-> Control Panel->System and Security. 

Step 2: Choose the “Defragment your drive” option.

Step 3: On the window that appears on the screen, click on “Analyze Disk” to start checking whether the disk needs defragmentation or not.

Step 4: If it turns out that defragmentation is needed, follow the instructions on the screen to get done with the process.

Method #4 Recovering the Lost Data

If you have reached here, then you have probably tried all the methods to deal with this error mentioned above. This method will be your last resort to get rid of the issue in your system. This would be helpful in situations when some required data is in partitions that are no more accessible to the system.

So, that data is recovered from those partitions. You can use any third-party software to recover your data. We recommend using “Eassos Recovery Free”. It is a free software which helps in restoring files by accessing them even though they were made inaccessible due to some reasons by the system.

Step 1: Start the software.

Step 2: Choose the recovery mode that you require for your system.

Step 3: Now choose the partition that has the file that you need to recover. It would take some time to display all  the files that are inaccessible so have patience.

Step 4: Recover the files that you require and fix the error.


  1. Can antivirus software prevent error 0x80070570?
    • Yes, keeping your antivirus software updated can prevent malware that may corrupt system files.
  2. Should I always perform a clean install to fix this error?
    • Not necessarily. It’s recommended to try other solutions first, as a clean install will erase your data.
  3. How often should I check for bad sectors on my hard drive?
    • Regular checks, such as monthly, can help detect and prevent issues early.
  4. Is it safe to edit the registry?
    • Registry editing should be done cautiously. Backup the registry before making changes.
  5. Can outdated drivers cause error 0x80070570?
    • Yes, especially if they relate to storage or file management systems.

By addressing the error code 0x80070570 with informed strategies, users can maintain a healthy and efficient Windows 10 system.

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Final Words

We have tried to list out all the possibilities, along with their solutions, when you could encounter a 0x80070570 error. But if you still cannot solve your problem, tell us about it in the comments and we will try to solve your issues. Thanks for reading!

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